Tour Information


Tour Name Mt. Fuji Ecotour: Lava tube exploration & primitive forest trekking
Description Enjoy the underground of Mt. Fuji and feel the beauty of the primitive forest
Location Mt. Fuji (Nothern region), Aokigahara area
Dates Everyday
Tour Duration 3 hours (Tube: 1.5 hours, Forest 1.5 hours)
Time standard 9 am - 12 pm / 13 pm - 16 pm (can be adjusted up to your request)
Fees 4,500 yen / person (includes tax & equipment rental fee)
Minimum & Maximum number of participants 2 - 7 person per group / max 2 groups at one time

Tour Information

Tour Description

This eco-tour will take you to the world of Mt. Fuji's underground and primitive forest where are strictly protected by Japanese government. Our certified interpretive guides will help you to appreciate the history, culture, and nature of Mt. Fuji by real nature experience. We will provide a helmet, a torch, gloves, proper outer clothing, and best guide! Please experience one of the best ecotours in Mt. Fuji and Japan!

Thoughts on the Natural Environment

  • We provide the participants with information on how to be friendly to the natural environment and local community.
  • We pick up garbage and take it with us.
  • We ensure that the participants not to take plants and animals.

Thoughts on local communities and culture

  • We provide information on the history, culture, and custom of the region.
  • We ensure the active participation of local residents or the use of local products.

Safety Measures

  • We have developed an emergency manual.
  • Our tour is covered by insurance.

Operator Information

Operator Name Whole Earth Nature School
Postal Code 419-0305
Address 165 Shimoyuno, Shibakawa-cho, Fuji-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Contact Name / Title Mr. Tomo Hara / Chief, International Office
Phone +81-(0)544-66-0152
Fax +81-(0)544-67-0567

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