Tour Information


Tour Name Vsit The Restless Caldera 4days
Description Trek to near the center of the active volcano, see undulating magma, listen to the roars of living earth, and fully immerse in Teno community.
Location Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture
Dates daily from March 14 till snowfall in late November
Tour Duration 4 days
Time Depart: 0715 Day1 Kyoto Station, Return: 2100 Day4 Kyoto Station
Fees from 171,000yen to 341,000yen *seasonal surcharge applies
Minimum & Maximum number of participants minimum 1, maximum 8

Tour Information

Tour Description

Take the one of the fastest trains in the world, the bullet train or the shinkansen, and transfer to an unique switchback mountain train to get to Miyaji (Aso). Trek to near the center of the active volcano with our experienced nature guides, see undulating magma and listen to the roars of living earth.
Experience the community lifestyle at the foot of the caldera and stay at a beautiful traditional farm inn in the small farming community. Undergo a spiritual experience at Kyushu’s oldest Saigandenji temple and make pottery using volcanic iron-rich clay. On the way back to Kyoto, stop in Hakata, the biggest and most vibrant city in Kyushu, to sample both contemporary and traditional life. (tour code KM01)

Thoughts on the Natural Environment

  • We provide the participants with information on how to be friendly to the natural environment and local community.
  • We pick up garbage and take it with us.
  • We ensure that the participants not to take plants and animals.

Thoughts on local communities and culture

  • We provide information on the history, culture, and custom of the region.
  • We ensure the active participation of local residents or the use of local products.

Safety Measures

  • We have developed an emergency manual.
  • Our tour is covered by insurance.

Operator Information

Operator Name Spirit of Japan Travel
Postal Code 600-8301
Address 223-17 Kamiyanagicho, Yobaidori Shinmachi Higashiiru
Shimogyoku, Kyoto, Japan
Contact Name / Title Masaru Takayama / Director
Phone +81-(0)75-204-8965
Fax +81-(0)75-204-8966
Email Please use our contact form on the website.

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