Ecotours offer opportunities to experience, conserve, enjoy, and learn about the natural environment and local culture and life.

Ecotour Comprehensive provides information on ecotours practiced in Japan. Our aim is to be a bridge between those who are interested in ecotours and regions promoting ecotourism, offering search and information sharing functions.

The website is not for making reservations. Also, registration is limited to domestic groups only.

Eligibility for registration    

  • Registration is limited to domestic ecotour operators or related groups only.We ask you to register in the Japanese page before you do so in the English version, i.e., the former is a prerequisite for the latter. Click here to register your group in the Japanese page.
  • Local governments, organizations, corporations, and individuals who are involved in ecotourism for its success and follow the agreements are all welcomed to register.
  • The registration is limited to tour operators, planners, publishers, salespersons, and advertisers who are directly responsible for their own information. Third-party registration is not permitted to preclude inaccurate information.
  • In case of a violation of the agreements, registration information may be deleted.

Instructions for registration    

Registration is free.

Apply to be part of our Ecotour Comprehensive.

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About the copyright of the posted information

The copyright of the posted information belongs to its provider; however, the website reserves the right to the use of the information.

About the deletion of posted information

If the provided information is considered inappropriate for the purpose of this website, it may be deleted without notice.

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